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Jo surfingPeople have always desired travel, it opens new places, languages, cultures, foods and one's eyes to new ways of life beyond your own immediate surroundings...

The difference between history and today is that travel today has become accessible to so many, mainly due to the availability  of safe, convenient and economical transport infrastructure.

As a result, Travel has become a trend in our generation, whether it is for fun and pleasure , business or adventure! Travel is the "in" thing to do. Asked what people would want to do if they had greater wealth, the huge majority categerize more travel as their first choice.

Travel and Tourism has become the world's largest and fastest growing industry. International travellers now exceed well over 1 Billion people.

In a world of increased travel and the development of an enormous maze of information, tools and infrastructure to navigate, we at TheWorldRoutes believe in creating a Definitive Travel Partner that will provide a central guiding beacon to ensure safe passage in an ever changing sea of information.

Through extensive and robust collaboration with trusted industry leaders in technology and tourism, we have created a stage that has redefined how business and travellers interact with each other. Through Geo-Tag technology we are able to provide the abilty to accurately plan, route and locate all products and services across the Globe.

This has culminated in a single digital platform which provides the most extensive travel toolbox, is easy to use, enhances user experience and caters for the most comprehensive and tailored solution to not only travellers, but to all in need of planning a trip or searching for locations, products or services.

The birth of the idea that has now become TheWorldRoutes, my Definitive Travel Partner.

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